Save when you buy these in a bundle! Not sure which Body Butter to try? Then try our Butter Sampler Set that includes five of our scents in the small 2 ounce jars.


Note: If a selected scent is unavailable, a scent with a similar profile will be added in its place. We will contact you about the change, if no reply, we will select a replacement scent (e.g., if a clean scent is chosen originally, another clean scent will be selected in its place).


Choose any combination from the following available scents:

  • Barbershop (Masculine - clean)
  • Bay Rum (Masculine - Spicy)
  • Birthday Suit (tropical - unisex)
  • Eucalyptus Mint (Minty/Herbal)
  • Melon Ball (fruity)
  • Queen (Tropical)
  • Pink Sugar (sweet)
  • Rain (clean - unisex)

Body Butter Sampler Set