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Beards need love too! Try our Beard Balms to not only tame, condition and moisturize your mane but also care for the skin beneath.  


Beard Balm versus Beard Oil - Using a beard balm versus a beard oil is really a matter of preference. Both use quality ingredients and natural oils which supply vitamins and other nourishing properties that promote the healthy growth and maintenance of a beard. 


Here are some considerations as you make your decision: 


  • The beard balms contain beeswax will help with the combing, shaping and styling of your beard. The beeswax is the key to helping with taming the hair of the beard. The beard balm also contains natural butters and oils that will also moisturize the hair of your beard and face.
  • The beard oil contains a blend of natural hair nourishing oils and essential oils that will both moisturize the face and beard, soften the hair and provide a nice shine. For shorter beards that don't require as much taming, the beard oil may be preferred, and likewise, longer beards may benefit more from the beard balm for the control and hold provided by the beeswax in the beard balm. Try them both in our gift set with a matching body butter!


Comes in a 2 oz. jar; 1.4 oz net wt.


Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil and/or Fragrance oil or other essential oils (depending on the scent).

Beard Balms

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