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Choose from any of our in-stock soaps: (Scents are subject to change and based upon availability)


  • Clean Scents: Aqua,  Hello Aloe, Pure Rain 
  • Citrus Scents: Midnight Tea, Sage & Citrus; White Tea
  • Floral Scents: Black Amber Lavender
  • Fruity & Sweet Scents: Birthday Suit, Eucalyptus Coconut, Pear Cashmere,  Pink Salt Water Lily, Sea Salt & Orchid, Watermelon, Vanilla Sugar
  • Masculine Scents: Barbershop, Bay Rum, Rain, Sandalwood Bourbon, Tuxedo
  • Minty: Charcoal Mint, Peppermint Tea Tree,  Eucalyptus Mint
  • Unisex Neutral Scents: Cocoa Butter Cashmere, Gingham Ice, Honey Almond, Honey Shea, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Orange Hemp
  • Unscented & w/o Color: Plain Jane


(Exclusions apply: Turmeric & Honey soap, Massage Bars and Exfoliating Sole Loofah Bars)

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