Choose from three different sets and mix and match your scents.  Not sure what scents, just add a note for us to mix it up and we'll pick for you.


1. Set 1 Includes: Whipped Soap, Body Butter, Soy Candle Tin and a Bath Bomb


2. Set 2 Includes: Soy Candle Tin, Bar of Soap, Body Scrub and Body Butter


3. Set 3 Includes: Linen & Room Spray, Body Butter, Body Scrub and Bar of Soap and Bath Bomb


Bath Bomb Scents: Sea Salt & Orchid or Pink Salt Water Lily


Body Butter & Body Scrubs Scents: Beautiful Day, Birthday Suit,  Melon Ball, Pear Cashmere, Pink Salt Water Lily,  Queen, and Rain


Soy Candle Tins: Autum Flannel, Caramel Sauce, Cranberry Woods, Fallen Leaves, Frankincense & Myrrh, Caramel Tobacco, Masculine, Turning Tide and White Birch


Linen & Room Spray: Just Lavender, Eucalyptus Blend, Orange Burst

Her Gift-Set

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